The DX Network Team

Making the data economy a reality.

Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith, PhD / Founder & CEO
Jeremiah is a Marie Curie fellow with formal training in Mathematics and Computer Science (BSc McGill, MSc and PhD Imperial College). In 2014, he co-founded Startup Tracker which, together with his extensive research experience in Machine Learning and Context-aware Systems, gave him intimate knowledge of the challenges in sourcing, analyzing and monetizing data.
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Csongor Bokay
Csongor Bokay / Founder & CTO
Csongor is a software architect and full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience designing and implementing high performance multi-platform network code and distributed systems, including B2C web apps, data security solutions and MMORPGs. He co-founded Startup Tracker with Jeremiah, sharing the same passion for democratizing access to data.
Yury Oparin
Yury Oparin / Founder & Lead Developer
Yury graduated with honors from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Masters). He is a full-stack developer with over a decade of experience developing B2C, networking and financial applications both independently and at leading software companies (Netcracker, Luxoft) where he worked with clients such as UBS and Troika Dialog.
Mac Khajuria
Mac Khajuria / Growth & Partnerships
Mac previously worked as a consultant at Accenture helping Fortune 500 companies (including Morgan Stanley, Ross Stores and Johnson & Johnson) increase revenue and competitiveness by scaling their digital infrastructure. He has been an active investor in the blockchain space since 2016 and now leads his own cryptocurrency investment syndicate.
Emily Muraz
Emily Muraz / Community
Emily's background is in the hospitality sector (MBA ESSEC) where she worked in marketing ops and as a pricing analyst (AccorHotels, Louvre Hotels Group). She recently left the corporate life to dedicate herself to her passions: entrepreneurship, organic clothes and building communities! If you have any questions about the DX Network, she's your first port of call.
Luke Dickens
Luke Dickens, PhD / Academic Advisor
Luke is an assistant professor at UCL. His research focuses on machine learning, crowdsourcing, information flow and information theory. Since the first draft of the DX whitepaper, his role is to peer review the DX Network's underlying theory and associated publications to ensure they abide by the highest academic standard.
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Graham Deane
Graham Deane, PhD / R&D Advisor
Graham is a leading expert in knowledge representation and reasoning techniques with over 25 years of experience across industry and academia (Disney, Camelot Group, Imperial College). He co-supervises data modeling, data inference, data storage, scalability and specification design of the DX Network's data marketplaces.
Eitan Jankelewitz
Eitan Jankelewitz / Data & IP Legal Advisor
Eitan is a partner at Sheridans where he leads the Data and Technology team. He has been advising cryptocurrency and blockchain companies since 2013, specializing in legal and strategic advice on data and privacy regulation, intellectual property protection, data licensing and data exploitation.
Rene Lauk
Rene Lauk / Blockchain Legal Advisor
Rene is the CEO of Oblicity, a leading blockchain technology law firm, and a legal counsellor to the Government of Estonia. He adds extensive legal and strategic expertise to the DX Network, gained from first-hand advising over 20 blockchain ventures (including Agrello, Cashaa & Tutellus).