The Tech Industry's new data infrastructure.

The DX Network is the first real-time exchange for structured data about companies, investors, news and more.

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The Tech Industry's information flow is broken.

The Tech sector is growing twice as fast as the global economy1 increasing the demand for data about technology companies, products, investments, investors and market dynamics. From Virtual Reality to Initial Coin Offerings, today's startup ecosystem is so dynamic that individual platforms can no longer provide up-to-date comprehensive datasets about the entire Industry.

By leveraging the latest advances in blockchain technology, the DX Network creates an open market for Tech Industry data to consolidate existing knowledge and seed new data collection efforts—uncovering the vast amounts of data still missing today. It provides the universal data foundation needed to power platforms, research and services for and around the Tech Industry.

Big Data and Business Analytics generated $150 billion in worldwide revenues in 2017. This figure is expected to exceed $210 billion by 2020.

The data backbone of a healthy Tech Industry, fuelling innovation for decades to come.

The DX Network is an exchange-style platform which enables anyone to buy and sell data about the Tech Industry through an open API. It is built to be integrated in a wide range of live applications, from deal intelligence platforms to social networks.

Status quo
The DX Network
Status quo
Isolated players and datasets.
Most industry data is unavailable. Available data is scattered, inconsistent across datasets and/or stale. Data collection efforts are often redundant.
The DX Network
Next gen. collaborative crowdsourcing.
Consolidation of existing knowledge. Increase in production and collection of data. Creation of the broadest source of Tech Industry knowledge, ever.
Status quo
Locked up data.
Vast amounts of sought-after data is passively collected by application and service providers but unutilized or underutilized.
The DX Network
Open data market.
Passive data collectors effortlessly turn unutilized data into revenue streams. Existing data platforms use DX as a sales channel to maximise the utility of their data.
Status quo
Data is the new oil—we need pipelines.
No standard or infrastructure to transact in data. Data extraction, cleaning, selling and buying is tedious and costly. Difficulty to monetize data is stifling innovation.
The DX Network
Making the data economy a reality.
Data collected by a wide range of organizations and methods accessible through a single API. Payments transparently secured and settled on the blockchain.
Status quo
Scraping attacks, data theft.
Data published in isolation is subject to being scraped and reused without remuneration while scraping is technically—and often legally—impossible to prevent.
The DX Network
Scraping and theft economically absurd.
More expensive to scrape data outside the DX Network than buy from it. Network dataset too dynamic to maintain an up-to-date parallel copy cost-effectively.
Status quo
Ad hoc industry dynamics.
Decisions based on intuition and network due to data chaos caused by the recent increase in the number of startup ventures and democratization of investing.
The DX Network
Better data for a better industry.
Data producers/collectors finally profit from their data. More data-driven organizations and decisions. Larger ecosystem of products/services for the Tech Industry.
If digital information lacks a price, valuable data may never be generated. And if data remain stuck in silos, much value may never get extracted.
Glen Weyl, Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research

Built on Ethereum, powered by the DX Token.

The DX Network's unique pay-per-datapoint model is made possible by the ERC223 DX Token. Combined with the DX Network SDK, this singular cryptocurrency enables the sale and purchase of data on the DX Network with single-datapoint precision.

DX Tokens are used to purchase data and pay for network operations like search. The DX Token's utility is proportional to the amount of data on the network.
The use of a native cryptocurrency for transactions on the DX Network provides a layer of protection against the volatility of larger markets.
The DX Network SDK makes it easy to integrate the DX Token as a standalone cryptocurrency in any application, whether or not it uses the DX Network.
Its special relation to the Tech Industry makes the DX Token an ideal candidate for widespread use in Tech, from cryptopayments to cryptogamification.
Open data can help unlock $3–5 trillion in economic value annually.

DX for X: real-time data exchange for business-to-business data markets.

Data marketplaces are the cornerstone of the emerging data economy. DX for X builds on top of the DX Network to provide B2B data exchanges in any field of application—complementing personal and sensor data marketplaces.

Types of data marketplaces
Types of data marketplaces
Key features
Value propositionValue proposition: Allows consumers to monetize their dataValue proposition: Allows organisations to exchange dataValue proposition: Allows sensor owners to monetize their devices
Transaction typeTransaction type: Consumer-to-businessTransaction type: Business-to-businessTransaction type: Machine-to-machine
Data typeData type: Personal & sensitiveData type: Public & fact-levelData type: IoT sensor stream
InterfaceInterface: App (sellers) & API (buyers)Interface: APIInterface: API
TX confirmationTX confirmation: Wait for sellerTX confirmation: ImmediateTX confirmation: Immediate
Quality assuranceQuality assurance: Trusted sellersQuality assurance: Crowdsourced reputationQuality assurance: Trusted marketplace operator
PricingPricing: Pay-per-userPricing: Pay-per-datapointPricing: Pay-per-hour
Key players
Synapse AI
The DX Network
Databroker DAO
IOTA Data Market

Leading the DX Network's development.

We are a team of recognized academics, engineers and business developers dedicated to develop the technology layer of the new data economy.

Jeremiah Smith
Yury Oparin
Csongor Bokay
Mac Khajuria
Emily Muraz

Milestones, Roadmap and Deliverables.

October 2014
Startup Tracker launched at TechCrunch Disrupt London—wins Evernote Prize.
The venture that would eventually lead to the inception of the DX Network started as a browser extension to access CrunchBase information while browsing. In its simplest form, Startup Tracker already attracted attention in the Tech community, from Product Hunt, all the way up to the BBC.

Startup Tracker's first year was dedicated to iterating over the product with early-users which ranged from solo founders to investors though innovation departments at multinational companies. It was during this key year that the business landscape, challenges and opportunities surrounding the Tech Industry’s data were uncovered.
January 2018
The DX Network development starts, project joins the Imperial College VCC accelerator.
After 9 months of preparation work, development of the DX Network starts as the team joins one of the premier accelerators for Science and Technology ventures in the UK at Imperial College London (8th best university in the world, QS World University Rankings 2018).
August 2018
DX Token private sale.
The private portion of the DX Token sale (apply here) opens for key stakeholders, Tech Industry data collectors and consumers, prospective heavy DX Network users.

Before the private sale starts, the DX Network's financial model detailing network economics and cost/returns for data buying/selling nodes will be made available to the public.
Q3 2018
DX Token public sale.
The DX Token public sale (get whitelisted here) opens with full KYC/AML checks and individual caps for participant to ensure a smooth and fair token sale.

Research and development of the DX Trustless Audit (DXTA) protocol starts.
Q1 2019
DX Network stable release deployed on Ethereum mainnet, further round of DX Dev Grants.
The first stable version of the DX Network deploys on the Ethereum mainnet. A second round of DX Dev Grants are awarded to developers building commercial and research applications leveraging the DX Network to drive industry adoption and pre-populate the upcoming DX App Store.

Pilot programs, promotional efforts and developer outreach continue.
Q4 2019
DX for X: onsite private and public data exchanges in any field of application.
The full potential of the data exchange paradigm is reached, enabling organizations to launch their own private or public data exchange powered by the DX Network’s technology in the field of application of their choice.

The DX Network token sale.

To fund the network's initial development cost, bring it to self-sustainability and ensure widespread industry adoption within a 4 year time frame, DX Tokens will be distributed in 3 different ways.

50% of the entire DX Token supply is being put up for sale. 15% is set aside for free trials, dev grants, partnerships and subsidies in the DX Growth Fund to catalyze market adoption. 7% is dedicated to reward early supporters through bounty programs, ensuring participation in the project is open to everyone, allowing for the DX Network to reach the widest audience possible.

To assure the DX Network's position as a technological leader in the field of data exchanges, 18% of the DX Token supply will be put in reserve to finance future expansion and long-term Research and Development.

Token supply
TBA DX Tokens (ERC223)
Funding cap
Private sale
TBA, apply here
Public sale
TBA, get whitelisted
Token distribution %
Use of token sale proceeds %

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  • Self-sustainable past token sale, open source, non-profit.
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